Kandji updates
Kandji updates

Auto App: Android Studio




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Auto App: Citrix Workspace




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Auto App: Miro




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FileVault Details




The Details tab of the device record now includes a section summarizing the FileVault status of the device. These details are also available from the device information API endpoint (i.e. https://SubDomain.clients.us-1.kandji.io/api/v1/devices/deviceID/details).

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Software Update Deferral Improvements




The Software Update library item has been updated to provide more granular control over when and how software updates are implemented on user devices. 

You can now individually delay the availability of macOS updates and upgrades as well as non-OS updates (and define how long that delay should be).

all OS updates_edit.png

You can define separate deferral policies for major and minor updates. (Note that this latter control works only on macOS version 11.3 or later.) 

minor updates.png

Additionally, there’s an option to delay non-OS updates, such as supplemental updates for Safari.

non-OS updates.png

Together, these controls will give admins time to test OS updates for compatibility with existing apps and workflows and only then deploy them more widely. Delaying major macOS updates for longer than minor releases means you can update managed Mac computers with the latest security settings without upgrading to an entirely new OS.

Auto App: VMware Fusion 12




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Auto App: Grammarly




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Self Service for iOS, iPadOS




The Kandji Self Service app for macOS has long provided an easy way for users to download software for that platform. A version of that app is now available for iOS and iPadOS.

You can customize the Self Service experience (Settings > Self Service) with your own branding, text, and software categories. If you've customized Self Service for macOS in the past, the same customizations can be used for iOS and iPadOS without additional configuration.

Self Service config.png

Getting the Self Service app to your devices is simple: In Apple Business Manager, go to Apps and Books and find Kandji Self Service. After you select a quantity and submit the order (it's free), Self Service will appear in your Kandji instance's list of App Store apps. Add it to the Blueprint containing the devices that you want to have access to the Self Service app, and it will be deployed. 

Users will then receive the Self Service app as a managed app from Kandji. When they open it, they will see the list of apps curated for them and be able to install them from there. 

Managed OS Update




Managed OS has been updated. The latest approved version for Big Sur is now 11.6.2, and for Monterey is now 12.1, with the following release dates:

11.6.2 : Dec 13, 2021

12.1 : Dec 13, 2021

Auto App: Parallels Desktop 17




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