Kandji updates
Kandji updates

API Updates - Automated Device Enrollment




A set of new API endpoints related to Automated Device Enrollment integration management is now available. These endpoints allow fetching all Automated Device Enrollment integrations for a tenant, as well as the specific devices from each ADE integration and whether or not the device is enrolled yet. Additionally, admins can create, renew, and delete an ADE integration.

These endpoints will not be enabled by default on existing API tokens; they need to be explicitly enabled within the token's permissions.

With the addition of these endpoints, customers can now have multiple Automated Device Enrollment integrations within a single Kandji tenant. Specifically, the following API endpoints will now be available:

POST /api/v1/integrations/apple/ade

POST /api/v1/integrations/apple/ade/{id}/renew

PATCH /api/v1/integrations/apple/ade/{id}

GET /api/v1/integrations/apple/ade

GET /api/v1/integrations/apple/ade/{id}

GET /api/v1/integrations/apple/ade/{id}/devices

GET /api/v1/integrations/apple/ade/public_key

DELETE /api/v1/integrations/apple/ade/{id}

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Visit the API documentation for more info